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Worked for the following:

DSW / Swift Owner Div. / Conway Trucking – 53’ Box Van, Double tankers Cement hauler.              18 wheeler.                                                                                                       Tucson / Glendale, AZ Class-A Licensed. W/Hazmat, Doubles/Triples, and Tankers endorsements.    3/2002-11/2002     

Speedfam-IPEC                                                                                                     Chandler,AZ   Technical Support Rep. III                                                                                2000 to 8-14-2001

Assigned to the CIE department, were I was responsible or supporting various engineering Continuing Improving Engineering) CIE projects relating to CMP tools.

Speedfam-IPEC                                                                                                    Chandler, AZ            Technical Support Rep. III                                                                             1/31/94 to 8/15/2001

Responsible for providing Technical Support and managing customer accounts as it relates to CMP tool sets. Trained on the following CMP tools, 372M, 472, 676, and 776. Proficient in using the following applications MS-Word 7.0, MS-Excel 7.0, PowerPoint 7.0, MS-Project, MS Access, forth-shift and SAP

Coordinator / Field Service Rep. II                                                                                                             Accepted the position as Coordinator were I was responsible for the supervision of a team of personnel who’s function was to travel globally and upgrade the company’s product lines using RFK’s  (Retrofit Kits) and PIKs (Product Improvement Kits) on tools such as 372’s, 472’s 676’s and 776’s in the CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization)  environment.

Field Service Rep. I                                                                                                                                      I provided Field Service installation and support of the company’s tool base at customer sites, on product lines i.e. 372M and 472 machines.  Known sites as Intel, IBM, Motorola, AMD, Siemens, Cypress, and others, these are just to name a few.  This enabled me to travel globally for a few years.

Computer Technician                                                                                                                                 Responsible for hardware and software setups for over 750 PC base users operating in a Novell and windows environment.

Self Employed                                                                                                        Mesa, AZComputer Consultant                                                                                                                      6/93 to 1/94

Providing consulting services for PC users on request basics. Tasks included, setup of MS DOS5 & 6.0 Windows 3.1 LAN 4.0 Novel NetWare Lite, peer to peer and client to server workstations. Dissembling and reassembling PC hardware as needed, i.e. hard drives w/controllers, motherboards, mio cards, NICs, etc.

Insight Computers Distribution Network                                                                   Tempe, AZ Computer Technician                                                                                                2/92 to 6/93         Computer technician, responsible for troubleshooting computer related problems over the telephone.  These computers were used in homes and business environments.  I’ve troubleshot thousands of calls on problems related to, data cables, hard, floppy and CD-ROM drives, video, tape backup drives, printers, and networks.

Rowley Pipe Lines  – Transport Driver                                                                     Gilbert, AZ       Heavy Equipment Transport Driver                                                                       1/89 to 2/9      Heavy equipment transport driver of, Backhoes, Dozers, Wheel Trenchers, and under ground pipe materials.

US Army – (Plans & Training  –  was the last  military assignment)          Fort Wainwright, Alaska  Training_NCO                                       [Served in the US Army from and until]      9/75 to 9/88

 Worked as a training NCO assisted the Director of Plans Training and Mobilization, I helped to plan the training for the division. Also was responsible for conducting computer training for the unit’s HQ personnel.


2013      Presently   The Sure Foundation      pursuing    Masters – Degree – Theology
2006                        The Sure Foundation                       Bachelors – Degree – Theology
2005                        The Sure Foundation                       Associate – Degree Christian Studies
1988                        Univ. of Texas                                Education Center Ft. Wainwright, Alaska
1986                        Compu-College School of Business    Vancouver, B.C. Canada
1981                        Univ. of Maryland                                  Lindsey Airbase W. Germany
1981                        Computer Sic. Intro to micro Computers.
1975                        US Army ( service 1975-86 until 87-1988 )